Was president and a founding member of Prism Holidays, a company that developed, marketed and provided value-added tour programs targeted to group and individual leisure travelers. These program included domestic, international and cruise travel. Hazan managed both corporate strategy as well as daily operations, including direct mail, product development and a sizable outside sales force. His 30+ years of travel industry experience also includes sales, vendor negotiation, customer service, marketing strategies and tour supervision.

In November, 1999, Prism Holidays agreed to join with the Far & Wide Travel Corporation where, in addition to his duties as president of Prism Holidays, he served on many corporate committees. These involved strategic development in key areas of this $350 million corporation. He left the company in May, 2001 to be independent.   

Hw brings a unique range of experience to any travel industry challenge. He built a very strong and successful entrepreneurial company, and worked within a major corporate structure, also assisting with the planning and review of the 20 different business units that comprised Far & Wide. He offers an unparalleled understanding of the special concerns of travel companies that have a wide variety of target markets and destinations specialties.  


Past Achievements at

Prism Holidays


  1. 1.Created innovative products and services such as ‘included home pick-up’ in 32 cities.

  2. 2.Developed customer loyalty: 96% of tour members stated they would travel again with Prism Holidays.

  3. 3.Annual growth rate of more than 10% over a 10-year period.

  4. 4.Grew a direct-to-group sales force of 10 that covered 17 states.

  5. 5.Built a direct mail list of 100,000+ qualified names and multimillions in annual revenue.

  6. 6.Developed direct mail brochure with five annual mailings.

  7. 7.Designed and developed unique programs throughout North America, Europe, Australia and other locations throughout the world.

  8. 8.Handled 2,600 clients during a six-weeks on one of Prism’s overseas programs.

  9. 9.Obtained national airline contracts with Delta, Qantas and United airlines.

  10. 10.Created innovation trips for the mature adult.

Principal Profile

Tour & Travel Resources, Inc   847-550-9191 

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All photos taken by Richard Hazan