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Let us help you save 15% to 25%!

Offering an array of products and developing fresh itineraries to new destinations is one of the most important functions for a growing company. However, often it is much easier said than done. Not only is your time limited, but as your company grows, product development may not be the most productive use of your time. In addition, you may not have the knowledge of the area or the sales volume to get the best deals to stay competitive.

Sure you can use an inbound operator, but why pay 15%, 20% or even more when you can use our pre-negotiated service. We are not an inbound operator, but we have personally negotiated with countless suppliers around the world for preferred rates and terms on behalf of our clients. Our services include detailed hotel ratings and photos taken on our personal site visit, itinerary planning and dynamic pricing sheets. Once the project is completed, the contacts and the contracts are yours. The contracts are even in your name!

We have successfully developed complete programs and arrangements around the world for a wide variety of companies. We craft each program to reflect the personality of the company and to highlight the quality and features that you offer throughout your existing product line. Attention to detail is our trademark.

Sometimes you require more space or better rates. We negotiate on your behalf, even traveling to the destination. Our track record proves to  say that we are the best at getting you the price and quality you desire.


Sample destinations:

Services include:

  1. 1.Preferred rates to a variety of destinations around the world.

  2. 2.Suppliers - including hotels, coaches, attractions and restaurants.

  3. 3.Complete itinerary design assistance with unique features.

  4. 4.Trips designed to meet your goals and be operationally  efficient.

  5. 5.Contracts in your company’s name allowing you the ability to operate the program without ongoing assistance.

  6. 6.Extra income for quality shops and optional tours.

  7. 7.Proven client savings from $6,000 to $17,000 on a single coach, while maintaining quality standards.

  8. 8.Reasonable fee structure.

Custom negotiation service includes:



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