Direct Mail Sales


Let us help you build and grow your list effectively.

Would you like to generate new sales leads, but are shying away from the headaches and challenges? Perhaps you have an effective list but would like to grow a new one?                                                     

We can help you develop your marketing campaign. Tour & Travel Resources specializes in every aspect of your direct-mail marketing promotion, from helping you select your target market, effective design, list acquisition and printing to teaching you how to track return on your investment. If you already have a list, we can help you improve the effectiveness of your current marketing and grow your sales.                                                    

In fact, we often help companies tailor their message and presentation while they are taking their existing product and moving it from one sales channel to another.

Direct mail development

  1. Campaign development.

  2. Effective brochure design that gets results.

  3. Strategies to increase your bookings and improve your conversion.

  4. Direct mail frequency. When are the most effective times to drop your mailing?

  5. Qualified lead generation.

  6. Generating leads from existing lists.

  7. Direct mail and website marketing coordination.

  8. Techniques to lower the number of phone contracts after the sale is made.

  9. Ways to lower your costs to obtain qualified names.

  10. Cost containment procedures.


Is  your list performing as you would like?

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