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As important as dealing with any emergency situation, is dealing with public perception. Getting ahead of the story and getting out your message is key to this perception. Think back a few years ago to how poorly TWA handled its New York media and how its business was severely damaged. Conversely, a few years later, Swissair handled a similar incident from New York well and it had little effect on business. Controlling your response is key.

Dealing with any emergency situation is dealing with perceptions - what the public thinks happened. Most tour operators are being required to have an emergency response plan to meet the needs of their E&O insurance policy. If you have done an emergency response plan yourself for this purpose, it is reasonable to assume that your plan will not be sufficient in the event of a real crisis.

An emergency is any event or situation that has the potential to affect long-term confidence in your company and/or your products. It interferes with your ability to provide clients with your usual level of service and continue your normal operations.

These events and the needs associated with these events can be wide ranging. You may have to handle serious situations such as a terrorist event, bus crash or hotel fire, as well as situations that don’t result in injuries but also require emergency attention. For example, if your database of client personal details (e.g. credit card information, health forms, and addresses) is compromised, how will you handle it?

It is not possible to cover every eventuality that could arise (i.e. tsunami in Asia). However, our manual has been designed to offer flexible procedures and to serve as a guide for how a company and its emergency team should respond, especially when the event first occurs.

Our plan will help you not only respond to an emergency situation, but also aid in protecting your company's credibility, image and ability to recover after the emergency. While you may not be able to control any particular event, you can control your response, which is key to keeping your company profitable and viable.

Here are some the important items you can hope to accomplish by planning for emergencies with our manual:

  1. 1.Minimize personal injury and loss.

  2. 2.Minimize inconvenience to all your clients.

  3. 3.Protect your company’s reputation.

  4. 4.Provide fast response to your guides, loved ones, the press and your vendors.


Key Areas Covered in Our Plan

  1. 1.First steps.

  2. 2.Emergency notification.

  3. 3.Emergency management team duties.

  4. 4.On-site team and guides role.

  5. 5.Incoming call center.

  6. 6.Organizational and planning team.

  7. 7.Press team.

  8. 8.Tips on working with the press.

  9. 9.Upfront planning for emergency.

  10. 10.Flow charts, check-lists, forms and guidelines.

  11. 11.Example of various situations.


We offer two different plans; our 30-page base version and our 60-page deluxe version.  Depending on your need for customization, the price will vary; but our plans are an excellent value and very affordable.

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How you handle a crisis will affect your business’ long-term viability

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