Exit Strategies & Acquisitions


For an owner of a travel company, it is almost inevitable that at some time during ownership he or she will need or want to address:

Acquisitions opportunities or mergers with another travel company for accounts and distribution channel expansion.

Divestiture of part of the company for strategic or financial reasons.

Sale of the business, whether due to retirement, succession (to family or key employees) or any other scenario including"...it's just about time to leave."

Valuation of the company whether for a buyout of a partner, family circumstance that requires a valuation, tax purposes, litigation settlement or for any other purpose.

These opportunities, or needs, can be proactive or reactive, immediate or long-term.

With more than 25 years experience in the business, we at Tour & Travel Resources understand the professional, personal and emotional aspects of business transactions. We understand how you feel. We also understand the importance of planning in advance, if possible, in order to achieve the best possible outcome. In controlling the pace of any deal, all requirements must be met by both parties to the transaction, in an accurate and timely fashion. During the process we will coordinate and consult with other professionals, such as CPAs, during due diligence process, the purchase agreement phase and the closing.

Maximization of Business Value/Exit Strategies/Divestitures:


Brokerage and Intermediary Services:

Buying and Selling a Travel Company


We strongly encourage a potential seller to conduct advance planning to systematically and proactively take the necessary steps in the selling process. Selling a business is a process, not an act. It weighs the benefits of taking action to increase the company value against the time frame within which a sale must be made. This process is controlled by an exit strategy, designed and implemented in conjunction with a specialist with experience in these matters. He/she can ultimately broker a desirable business profile and desirable potential buyers, at the optimum time, and with negotiating skills to get the best terms for the seller.

The processes at Tour & Travel Resources are unique. Typical business brokers can be superficial in approach, lack a deep knowledge of your industry, and are likely to want to market the deal as quickly as possible rather than build more value for a sale at a later date (if desired by the seller and practical to do).

We learn about the historical and present business in depth in order to identify each characteristic that affects company value. In effect, we step in as potential buyers and identify the key components most importance to potential buyers. We focus on ways to increase company value. In short, we work with the seller to identify, analyze and prioritize alternatives that are in the best interest of the seller. The seller gets enough input in order to make an informed decision and act fast to close the deal.


Tour & Travel Resources also represents buyers of travel companies by conducting broad and focused searches for acquisition candidates. Since we have an understanding of the thought processes that affect a travel company owner's decision making, we are able to break down many of the barriers and defense mechanisms that potential buyers confront.

We are available to conduct the due diligence process for buyers who may have already identified an acquisition candidate, and even settle on some or all of the terms. In addition, we are available to help the acquiring company in its integration and combination blending of the acquired company. This encompasses helping to maximize synergies, to eliminate duplication and to foster a collaborative team to encourage the unification of overlapping and sometimes conflicting cultures.  Corrected version/slight re-write: The importance of this cultural aspect when combining companies and operations is often underestimated. History has shown that combining multiple organizations is extremely difficult and if the resulting conflicts are not resolved, it could be counterproductive to the future success of the new company.

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