Driving Your Margins Up


We have done it for others, now let us do it for you!

We understand what drives margins in the tour business. It is a business of pennies and we know how to add them right to your bottom line. Some of the items we find are big and some are small, but they all add up. We will show you how to add high margin items and examine options to lower your cost without sacrificing your company’s mission or negatively impacting your customer ratings. We do not simply suggest a course of action, we show you how or, if you prefer, we can implement the plan for you.

Client Successes


Obtainable and clear solutions to improve your bottom line:

  1. 1.Leading-edge tour pricing strategies.

  2. 2.Auxiliary sales opportunities.

  3. 3.Inventory management techniques.

  4. 4.Currency buying improvements.

  5. 5.Introduce high-margin tours and add-ons.

  6. 6.Evaluate existing products to determine the best use of your resources.

  7. 7.Season expansion.

  8. 8.Destination expansion.

  9. 9.Help you better understand your true costs.

  10. 10.Inventory management  techniques.

  11. 11.Lowing your present cost of operating.

  12. 12.Evaluating existing features and their associated costs.

  13. 13.Benchmark your current supplier terms, rates and conditions.

  14. 14.Lowering your G&A costs.  Small things add up to big things.

  15. 15.Powerful trip pricing sheet that handles currencies, prorates and unlimited “what ifs.”

Let us make a substantial impact!

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All photos taken by Richard Hazan