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We take a fresh look from the outside and couple this with invaluable knowledge gained from owning and operating a successful tour business. By having worked with a variety of tour operators, we are able to quickly identify areas that can be enhanced and add value. The primary focus is on areas that better serve the passenger and improve the bottom line results for the company via cost savings, streamlining procedures and most importantly, sales growth. 


Improve Profits

Tour businesses may sell through different sales channels, but the one common thread is low margins. In general, most tour companies earn a net profit of 2%-4% in a good year. However, there are other tour companies that earn substantially more, some as high as 19% net. The tour business is a business of pennies and Tour & Travel Resources will help you increase your margins.  

Operational Optimization

This is one of the most demanding parts of any business but even more so for a tour company. There are absolute deadlines and you have to work with dozens of suppliers of which you have no control. Also, as a business increases, often it also outgrows the operational system it has it place. How can you be sure that a favorite long time supplier still offering you competitive pricing?  

Sales Force Growth

Lets face it, most tour company leaders are overwhelmed by everyday tasks. The need to grow is ongoing, but how to achieve that growth is the problem. That is where Tour & Travel Resources comes in. We have extensive experience with various sales channels and have success-fully grown a direct mail list and a sizable industry-leading outside sales force. We’ve done it, so we know what it takes to achieve that growth. Of course, it is more than just sales, but quality products as well.


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All photos taken by Richard Hazan