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I’ll be in Greece at the Oracle of Delphi next week. But today, in a sense I was already there.

My tour department managers and I had breakfast with a “tour organizer consultant.” Talking to him was the modern day equivalent for a tour organizer of going to the Oracle of Delphi. (2500 years ago movers and shakers from throughout the ancient world went to Delphi to get advice from the Delphi priests. The priests weren’t in cahoots with the gods. They just interviewed everyone who came to them thinking they were. Because of that, the priests knew what the competition was up to (politically, militarily, and so on) and could give divine-quality advice.

Our consultant is like the Oracle of Delphi—smart because everyone thinks he’s smart and brings their situation to him…therefore he knows everyone’s situation and can give excellent advice to competing tour companies.

He is brilliant as a soundboard when we dream where we may or should be going as a tour company. He tells us how we can sell more tours. We consider that and incorporate only that which doesn't violate our vision of who we are as a tour company.

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The Oracle of Delphi - written by Rick Steves, TV host, Tour Operator and Guidebook author

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